Allie Gunderson

Welcome to All About Littles! I’m Allie! I’m a mom of three littles who are 5 years old and under—a daughter and two sons—in San Diego, California.

I’m passionate about all things babies and motherhood. In fact I absolutely nerd out talking about it—you’ll see!

My mission is to impart the knowledge I spent 5 years acquiring from raising three babies. As a seasoned mama, I want to share important tips and tricks with new moms in hopes that their transition into motherhood will be more seamless than mine was.

For years I’ve taken it upon myself when a friend asks me something like, “What’s the best swaddle?” Or “How often should I pump?” to be that friend who’d write them an essay back with a detailed how-to rundown of tips and tricks, and warn them to avoid my mistakes. Then, I’d check in repeatedly to see how it was going. It became a bit of a pattern and hobby to assist all my friends as they were stepping in to motherhood.

One day I realized that this was my calling, that I was sitting on an ebook’s worth of knowledge, and that I wanted to share it with as many mamas as I could.

All About Littles is here as a resource and guide so you can take in all the newborn joy, find balance, and ace being a new mama.

Newborn life is exhausting and overwhelming at times—but above all else, magical. My hope is to lessen the overwhelming parts of it for you so you have more time to soak up the snuggles and their sweet newborn scent.

I promise you can do this! And I’d love to help you on your way.