Keeping baby in a fresh diaper is so important. If you know your baby has pooped, it’s ideal to change their diaper as soon as they’ve finished. The longer a baby sits in poop, a diaper rash will develop and those are a pain in the neck to get rid of. So aim to be as preventative as possible so the booty doesn’t get irritated to begin with. Wipe their diaper region thoroughly. For girl babies especially, make sure you are wiping front to back. Make sure to use diaper cream on your little one’s bum. We want to try to prevent irritation and chafing by keeping your little one’s bottom clean and moisturized.

Your newborn might not enjoy their diaper changes, maybe it’s the wet wipe startling them, or maybe it’s the delay of a diaper change pushing back their feeding time that’s perturbing them. Even though they might dislike diaper changes, they will at least let you change them with minimal difficulty, although you might get an earful. As they learn to roll and crawl, sometimes changing their diaper feels more like wresting an alligator because if they don’t like it they will try to wiggle free.

5 tips for entertaining your little one during diaper changes:

  1. Make animal noises. Babies love animals and as an added bonus, they’ll be learning while being entertained. After a lot of repetition, as they get older you can ask them, “What sound does a pig make?” And they’ll be amused oinking back to you.   
  2. Sing their favorite song. My go-to’s are ‘ABC’s, ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and ‘Wheels on the Bus.’ 
  3. Describe what you’re doing. Talking consistently to your baby throughout the day helps develop and strengthen their speech. 
  4. Have a toy you only offer during diaper changes. My son likes to hold the closed Pinxav diaper cream and hand it to me when it’s time to use it. But keep a watchful eye on them if they are holding the tube, because no one wants them to open it and squeeze it everywhere. 
  5. Blow raspberries on their belly before and after to make them giggle. Even if they don’t love being wiped, this helps by associating laughter with diaper changes and will make it feel more like play time. 

For years I have used Aquaphor after pee diapers and a combination of a thick layer of triple paste first, then a layer of Aquaphor on top following a poopy diaper. I recently discovered Pinxav (pronounced “Pink salve”), and have added it to our daily diaper cream rotation. It has aloe, vitamin E, zinc, Lanolin, oil of clove, Eucalyptol, and several other ingredients chosen to soothe your babe’s bum. You can check out their story dating back to 1927 here. And you can check out their awesome customer reviews and purchase it on Amazon here. And as a fun added bonus, it’s pink!