Little Bum Coolers

Little Bum Coolers

You know that feeling when you climb into your car on a scorching hot day and the seat burns your thighs and booty as you sit down and the buckle feels like it was recently forged in the fires of Mordor? Ya, that’s the worst. Now imagine that feeling on your child’s bottom. Heck no! We’ll swelter through it but not our little ones! Insert Little Bum Coolers. I’m so excited I discovered this product in time for summer and wish I had found it sooner! It’s a summertime essential.


The owner, Jessica, best explains how they work, “Little Bum Coolers is a car seat cooler that can be placed on a child’s seat when not in use. This product utilizes ice packs to prevent the seat, buckles and straps from reaching dangerously hot temperatures, so your little one never has to say “ouch!” again in their car seat.
This is achieved in three simple steps:
Step 1. Place your Little Bum Cooler in the freezer for at least two hours.
Step 2. When ready to use, take out of the freezer and place on an unoccupied car seat.
Step 3. Remove the car seat cooler and place the child on the seat, buckling them up for safety.”


I picked up the freezer packs from Walmart for $0.94 a piece. Then slid 5 frozen packs into their slots and voilà, they were good to go!


Buffalo Check

These insulated ice packs will keep your little one’s seat cool while you’re at the pool, beach or park. Use the code: ALLABOUTLITTLES for 10% off your purchase.