My Why …

My Why …

I’d give anything to go back in time and hand this manual to my first-time-mom self. As time travel is, regrettably, impossible, I’ve made it my mission to teach what I’ve learned to new mamas and mamas who wish they’d had more guidance the first time around. Thank you for being here! May this information help you on your motherhood journey.

In this e-book, I will share with you what worked for me and what didn’t, mistakes I’ve made, and all the tips and tricks I’ve learned after having my own three kids, and mentoring countless friends and family members. When you are pregnant, nurses, doctors, ultrasound technicians, and others ask you, “How are you feeling, how is your pregnancy?” There are several appointments checking in on you and the baby. There are birthing classes designed to prepare you for childbirth. There are doulas who will coach you through childbirth; by all means, do this research; please prepare for your birth.

But, what I realized as a first time-mom was that there was a missing part of the equation; there was not a comprehensive class or coach out there that prepared me to actually bring a baby home from the hospital with me and teach me everything I needed to know.

You’re expected to bring a baby home and then learn a plethora of knowledge about how to care for the baby in the first few months while feeling foggy and sleep deprived. It’s sort of like not letting someone sleep and then saying, “Hey learn Greek right now; you need to be fluent in one hour!”

Here’s everything I wish someone had told me before I walked into motherhood. My hope is to act as your knowledgeable big sister and help you avoid stepping into the same potholes that I did. There’s a huge learning curve to being a mom, and an even bigger one the first time around! My goal is to help you cut the line. By reading this, I’ll save you a lot of wondering and time doing your own research, and serve it up to you right here on a silver platter instead!