The Second Stroller Seat

The Second Stroller Seat

If you hope to have two or more children and decide to purchase a double stroller, or a stroller that could transform into a double by adding a seat, let me fill you in on a third-time mom nugget of wisdom. You’re going to want to buy the second seat when you buy your stroller. As a first time mom I remember thinking, “Isn’t it included?” Most of the time it’s not.

Kids will usually like to sit in a stroller up until 4-5 years old. Even if they walk most of the time, certain places like theme parks or longer walks usually have them begging to be pushed in the stroller. And if you have two kids close in age, a double stroller is straight up survival! I might go as far to say that my double stroller has been the best baby item I’ve ever purchased. Worth every single penny.

When I brought my youngest home from the hospital my oldest was three and a half. So in the beginning, I’d push my toddlers in the double stroller while carrying my newborn in the Solly Baby wrap (after my six week appointment when I was cleared to resume exercise).

The UPPAbaby Vista is one of the most popular strollers. It can start as a single stroller and transform into a double stroller. You have to buy the second RumbleSeat. It doesn’t come included. I suggest buying the second seat when you buy the stroller because there’s a chance the color of your first seat could be discontinued or it’s possible that they could change the design of the seat or base so a new RumbleSeat possibly couldn’t fit your stroller 2-3 years from now. And no one wants to be tracking that down on Craigslist hoping they find the right match. Take my word for it, when you have a toddler and you’re getting ready to meet baby number two, you’ll be grateful this one is already checked off your list.

I bought a single stroller with my first. When I found out I would be having two under two I knew I’d need to upgrade to a double. I was determined to purchase the UPPAbaby Vista when I was pregnant with my second but the sales woman as Norstrom straight up forbid me to because she told me it’d be too small for my two toddlers longterm. The Vista’s second seat holds a toddler up to 35 pounds whereas the Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller weight limit is 45 pounds per seat.

My sister has the UPPAbaby Vista and I have the City Select. I regularly push both (we trade off using each other’s strollers while at the other’s houses to push our babies who are 6 months apart at the same time). So I can speak knowledgeably about both. I’m going to tell you exactly what I like/don’t like about both.

The pros of the UPPAbaby Vista: it’s the cutest option. I am absolutely in love with the design of it. I actually prefer the Vista as a single stroller. When it’s a single it glides like butter. The Vista is a little shorter in length than the select. The cons: it is significantly harder to push and turn with the second seat added. I remember the first time I turned it I thought the break was on. I was so confused as to why it took so much effort to turn it.

The pros of the Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller: It accommodates two so comfortably. My kids’ legs have never been cramped using it. It’s solid and reliable. It turns very easily even as a double. The cons of the City Select: I don’t love the look as much as the Vista, it’s slightly long for getting through doors (but most doubles are a struggle to get through doors). Also the buckles are slightly more time consuming than the Vista’s.

I honestly wish these two strollers had a baby. I wish the companies and engineers would combine all the pros of each of them and make the best double stroller. As that has not yet happened, I’ll leave you with the question: which is more important to you, comfort and functionality or esthetic and look?

If I had one child or a very large age gap between my children I’d choose to Vista. But having three under four, I went with the unparalleled functionality of the City Select and I’m very happy I did, it’s served me very well!

Oh also mama, want a drink holder? Don’t forget to purchase a Stroller Organizer because of course they are sold separately too.